Dear San Miguel County Democrats,

I am very proud and thrilled to be your new San Miguel County Democratic Party Chairman.  First of all I want to thank all Democrats that participated in the County Convention on March 23rd.  It was so heart warming to see a full parking lot and up to 150 to 200 people in the WLV High School Food Court ready to participate in the precinct meetings and county convention afterwards. 

My goal as County Chairman is to increase communication with our party members and increase awareness of the issues that affect us. By doing so we can increase participation within the party and at all levels of government. An informed public is a participatory public. I plan on doing this by taking the following steps:

  • Creating a San Miguel County Democratic Party Web site, newsletter and Facebook page. 
  • Re-invigorate the Young Democrats group.
  • Meeting regularly with precinct chairman and getting them more active in the activities of the party. Like voter registration drives, recruiting for meetings and political rallies. 
  • Work closely with the San Miguel County Federation of Democratic Women.
  • Getting our elected officials more active in the Democratic Party.
  • Expand our base so that all San Miguel Democrats feel that they are part of the party and involved in the party. 
  • Expand fund raising efforts to have the means to achieve the goals above. 

Again, thank you. I look forward to serving as your Chairman. This Web site is the first step in taking the San Miguel Democratic Party in the right direction. Please use it and sign up for the email newsletters and alerts. 

Martín Leger
Chairman, San Miguel County Democratic Party